Top 10 Things to Do in Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history. There are plenty of things to see and do, so it can be tough to know where to start. If you're looking for some inspiration, here are ten of the best things to do in Guatemala:

1. Visit Antigua Guatemala - Antigua Guatemala is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Guatemala. It's home to plenty of colonial-era architecture, as well as numerous museums and churches.

2. Explore Tikal National Park - Tikal National Park is located in the heart of the Maya forest and is one of the largest archaeological sites in the world. Visitors can explore the ancient ruins, go birdwatching, or take a hike through the jungle.

3. Go lake fishing in Atitlán - Atitlán is a large lake in the Guatemalan highlands and is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It's popular with fishing enthusiasts, as well as those who just want to enjoy the stunning scenery.

4. Climb volcanoes Pacaya and Acatenango - For those who are feeling adventurous, Pacaya and Acatenango are two of Guatemala's most active volcanoes. Hiking to the summit is possible (although challenging), and you'll be rewarded with incredible views.

5. Visit Chichicastenango market - Chichicastenango market is one of the largest Indigenous markets in Latin America and is definitely worth a visit. You'll find everything from traditional medicines to handwoven textiles on sale here.

6. Visit Semuc Champey - Semuc Champey is a natural monument consisting of a series of cascading turquoise pools located in a lush jungle setting. It's one of Guatemala's most popular tourist attractions and well worth a visit.

7. Go whitewater rafting on Río Dulce - Río Dulce (the sweet river) is a river that flows through the rainforest from Lake Izabal to the Caribbean Sea. It's a popular spot for whitewater rafting, as well as for kayaking and swimming.

8. Learn about Guatemalan culture at Casa Popenoe - Casa Popenoe is a museum in Antigua Guatemala that focuses on Guatemalan art and culture. It's an interesting place to learn about Guatemalan history and see some beautiful artwork at the same time.

9. Take a coffee plantation tour in Huehuetenango - Guatemala is famous for its coffee, so what better place to learn about it than on a coffee plantation? Huehuetenango is one of the main coffee-growing regions in Guatemala and there are many plantations that offer tours to visitors.

10. Try Guatemalan food - Of course, no trip to Guatemala would be complete without trying some of the delicious local food! Some dishes you might want to try include pepián (a meat stew), chiles rellenos (stuffed peppers), and tamales (steam-cooked cornmeal packets).
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