Why The Florida Keys Should Be On Your Bucket List

By Lloyd C | Updated October 25th, 2011

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florida keys bucket list

The Florida Keys can be found lying at the southernmost point of the United States just off the southwestern tip of Florida.
The Keys are surrounded on all sides by the Atlantic Ocean. This 100-mile chain of islands offers a wealth of tropical vacation and adventure travel opportunities for all levels of today’s traveler and thrill seeker. It is fair to say that most are big fans of the Florida Keys; as they have an allure that suits both the adventurer and those just hoping to explore and relax.
If you’ve never had the chance to visit, we suggest you consider the following reasons for why the Florida Keys should be on your Bucket List.

Key West Southern Most Point

As a visitor to the region, you can take advantage of the resort spas and island views if all you want to do is chill out and take it easy.
However, if your idea of a fun vacation is a serious adventure, then choose from the many diving, snorkeling island, and boating trips. There are several adrenaline-fueled experiences and adventure packages that are abundant in the Keys.

The Seven Mile Bridge

Driving across the Florida Keys by car is a good way to discover many of the ‘out of the way’ hidden gems of the local area, the secluded coves, beaches and the various national parks which are great for picnics, enjoying the sun or for observing local wildlife. In many cases these are the places that local people will visit, especially some of the beaches, these are generally safe from wildlife but keep an eye out nevertheless.

Seven Mile Bridge, The Florida Keys
Some of the more popular areas and other keys that you will hear of are, Key Largo, Marathon, Big Pine Key, and the Lower Keys.
You can easily access a car and drive from Key West all the way to Miami.
The drive is quite enjoyable, particularly sections such as the Seven Mile Bridge, which is part of the Marathon located in the Middle Keys.
Driving over this rather magnificent bridge feels like you are literally driving on water.

Charter a Fishing Boat

The Florida Keys is one of the few populated regions of the world where you will find more boat vendors than auto dealers. So, if you like boats, fishing, camping outdoors and a relaxed way of life this is a great part of Florida to visit.
There are several adventures to choose from such as deep sea fishing excursions, lobster diving, to shark fishing. The collection of boats can range from small fishing boats to catamarans, sailboats, yachts, or even the occasional Pirate ship.

key west pelican

The Famous Duval Street

Duval Street, the ultimate bar crawl. The famous area of the Keys is known for its row of hole-in-the-wall bars and restaurants.
This area is also famously known for the locals, tourists, and unique festivals that keep the party going all year long. It is not uncommon to see a pirate walk by on Duval Street, or even more so, some rather exposing swim trunks.

trolly key westtrolly key west
The diverse culture here is relaxed but most certainly free-spirited. It is completely acceptable to wear costumes year-round in Key West.
The atmosphere is extremely festive during Fantasy Fest, which is the annual 10-day block party that happens every October.
More than 50,000 characters are partying in the street creating a flamboyant parade and all night party.

As a visitor to the Florida Keys, it is hard not to be inspired by the beauty and absolute uniqueness of the area. Whether you choose to cruise the road stopping off at points of interest as we did or whether it is a two-week adventure and epic boating vacation that most appeals, the Florida Keys pretty much ticks all the right boxes for a great unmissable adventure.
For some interactive maps as well as more detail on the area and to plan a trip to the Keys we recommend that you pay the Florida Keys web site a visit. There are detailed sections on the primary tourist areas such as Key Largo, Key West, and the Middle Keys.