Globetrooper Weekly Trip Roundup 3rd December 2011

By Lloyd C | Updated December 3rd, 2011

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As December commences and the year 2011 enters its final phase it is clear that a lot of Globetroopers are thinking very seriously about their 2012 trip or vacation.

For some though the final month of the year is an urgent last minute attempt to secure travel partners for their end of year trip to some far away exotic location before Christmas and New Year celebrations kick in.

So it is no surprise that this weeks collection of trip ideas and travel suggestions are a varied mix of adventure vacation and remote locales.

Take a look at some of this weeks highlighted trip ideas.

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Weekly Trip Highlights on Globetrooper

Highlights this week include trips to Bosnia, Vietnam and backpacking through Spain.

Or spend New Year in Thailand or decide to travel to Burma for some exotic photography, take a look!

Visit the Nature Parks of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Snjezna is proposing a trip to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina in Europe. Uniting Europe to Explore the Mountain of BIH Rujište, Mostar on a fun group tour.
Let’s find other nature lovers and let us join our nature fun travel. Activities would be in agreement with the groups who choose to come along. If you like the sound of this trip get in touch.

Ten Days in Vietnam

Cambui is arranging a trip to explore the sights of Vietnam and is searching for travel partners.

Explore the famous sights of Vietnam
Explore the famous sights of Vietnam

On arrival in Vietnam, vsit and explore some famous tourism destinations in Vietnam.

Visit Ha Long bay, the World Heritage, sleep and stay on boat to visit Ha Long and much more.

If you like the sound of this trip be sure to reach out to Cambui.

Backpacking Through Spain and Beyond

Katy is looking for travel partners to journey across Spain and Morocco backpacking. I’m planning to backpack through Spain, Portugal and Morocco starting in May 2012 for 6-8weeks.

She hasn’t set much of an itinerary yet, but hopes to really experience the cultures of these countries.

If you would like to join Katy on her travels then send her a message to arrange details and discover more about the trip.

Thailand For a New Year Celebration

Planning to head up to Pai, Thailand for NYE.
Nissae is traveling to Thailand for New Year and needs travel buddies. Will be flying from Singapore – Chiang Mai and bussing it up to Pai.

Would be great if we could meet in Chiang Mai and take the bus up together.

Not too sure yet on what I intend to do there, maybe visit some indigenous villages and some trekking, and counting down to 2012 in downtown Pai maybe. plans are all flexible at the moment! Get in touch with Nissae if you feel like tagging along to Thailand.

Photography Trip to the Wilds of Burma

Nathan Lake is looking for travel partners on Globetrooper  to visit Burma on a photography tour and has written up a very detailed itinerary of the trip.

Tour Burma
You could be adventuring in Burma with Nathan

Here is an excerpt from day two of the adventure.

Day 2) Yangon – drive to Golden Rock in the morning with shooting at local market and a large monastery in Bago.

Then continue to the base camp, drive to the middle camp by public transport (45?min ride) and 40min hike to the summit (palanquin available)
Sunset photography at Golden Rock temple and stay overnight on top of the mountain.

If you are a keen photographer and enjoy adventure travel this trip idea could be for you. Contact Nathan for more details on his trip idea.

Arrange Your own Trip on Globetrooper or Team up With Existing Trips

That’s right, you can create your own trip on Globetrooper just like all these avid explorers above. They have suggested some great trip ideas, to join simply follow the links above and follow their trip.

From there you can simply use the social networking tools built into Globetrooper to make contact, find out trip details and costs etc. Remember if you need flights, try Jet Blue.

Then decide if the trip is right for you. Alternatively simply create your own trip using the Globetrooper trip wizard.