Globetrooper Weekly Trip Roundup 9th November 2011

By Lloyd C | Updated November 9th, 2011

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Travelers searching for trip companions have created some highly engaging ideas on Globetrooper this week. It is always refreshing to see new explorers to the site hoping to network with like minded adventurers for really a series of really unique trips around the globe.

Over the last seven days some of the trip highlights include the following proposed adventures.

Travel Across Asia, Africa and New Zealand

‘Leah Beach’ is hoping to find travel partners to journey across Asia, Africa and New Zealand. I am basically looking for a traveling companion to travel through Asia, Europe, possibly Africa, and New Zealand.

I am currently working a serving job and I want to start saving money. I am not really sure how to plan this so I’m just saving as much money as possible. I’d like to travel anywhere from a month to a year. discover more about this trip idea.

Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

‘SwoosieQ’ is interested in the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. I would be doing this for alot of reasons, I want to know I can do this, and begin and finish this journey.

I want all my stamps, I want to learn more about myself and others and be apart of something bigger than myself.

I want my certificate and my ceremony…I want to know i hiked this and did not give up. Learn more about this journey.

Driving Across Africa to South Africa

‘Gea-Man26’ is interested in a African road trip. Drive to south Africa across Africa. leaving UK into France down through Spain crossing over to to north Africa morocco Tunisia traveling through Africa down to South Africa.

I am looking for others that are doing same trip around this time or others to join me on on a big adventure. Find out more about this trip proposition.

The World is Ours Asia Trip

‘BeFree’ is planning a trip to Thailand and Cambodia. I am starting off In Bangkok Thailand, from there I am planning my trip to the southern Islands, Phi Phi, Koh Tao and other nearby Islands.

From there I will head north into Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Learn more about this trip.

India Photography Adventure

‘Lawrence’ from the United Kingdom is planning a photography trip to India. I am looking for someone travel with to Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala and anywhere in between.

I am an amateur photographer so the pace will be relaxed and visual. I have been to India many times before but never on a photography trip. Read more about this trip.

Join Any of These Trips on Globetrooper or Suggest Your Own.

There are some exciting trips to get involved in and enjoy, be certain to follow any trip that interests you and contact the trip proposer for more details on the timings, the trip costs, transportation and the meeting arrangements.

Alternatively why not suggest your own trip or vacation idea using the Globetrooper Trip Wizard. Creating a trip is free for individual travelers, so get started now.