Globetrooper Weekly Trip Roundup November 24th 2011

By Lloyd C | Updated November 24th, 2011

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Globetrooper connects travelers, adventurers and even casual vacationers with the travel partners and companions that they need.

Not every person is the kind of individual who has lots of available friends for global adventures.

Even for those Globetroopers lucky enough to be in a relationship, where is the guarantee that partners are going to possess a mutual love of trekking, mountaineering and endless travel across the globe?

The real world is such that anyone can need a travel partner for any or no reason at all. So here at Globetrooper we connect you with those other free spirited adventurers around the world that want the same rewards from travel that you do.

If you want to go hiking in Peru, skiing in the Alps or cross searing deserts in Saharan heat then we will endeavor to connect you with others that want exactly the same style of trip. This week on Globetrooper there are some pretty amazing new trips suggested by our travelers.

Some of the exciting trips and proposals that particularly stand out you can read about below, happy traveling to you all and for our U.S visitors enjoy the Thanks Giving public holiday!

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If you are in the process of securing hotel bookings for you or your travel partners then you may be able to make some big savings on the cost of hotel accommodation, give it a whirl.

Recommended Trips on Globetrooper This Week

Take a look at the trips suggested by users that stand out this week, including diverse destinations such as Costa Rica all the way to a road trip to San Francisco and backpacking in Europe.

Costa Rica Photography Adventure ( Guided Tour )

Steve has proposed a exciting trip to Costa Rica, not only is this an exotic and wondrous part of the world, the rich scenery and culture should appeal to fans of photography also.

Costa Rica Photography Adventure
Enjoy a Costa Rica Photography Adventure

This is going to be a sweet PRIVATE adventure for us with amazing opportunities for photography, adventure, and all of the wonders Costa Rica has to offer!

Check out our single supplement rate too! Super affordable but we only have 3 spots for those that want their own room so sign up before it’s too late! Talk to Steve and find out more about this trip.

Backpacking Across Europe in 2012

Mark has suggested a trip to Europe that will appeal to backpackers looking for European adventure in 2012.

I’m planning to get a good group of people together to have the best time of your life!

I’m trying to get some sort of a plan started so people can have a starting spot and even join along the way. Get in touch with Mark to find out more about the trip.

Whirlwind Tour of South East Asia

User Daniellelowe has proposed an exciting trip to see the sights of south east Asia in early 2012 and is actively seeking travel parters right now.

I have all flights booked for a whirlwind 3 week trip round Asia but my partner has pulled out so I’m looking for some travel buddies!

I go from London to Kuala Lumpur on the 22nd May 2012 then onto Myanmar on the 24th then to bangkok on the 26th then Cambodia on the 29th.

I plan to travel through Cambodia and Vietnam then fly from Hanoi to Kuala Lumpur on the 6th June before flying back to London on the 8th. If this trip sounds like fun then talk to Daniellelowe about this trip to Asia.

San Francisco Road Trip

Ahh the thrill and excitement of the open road, Meredith has planned a trip driving to San Francisco and is looking for travel partners. I’m road tripping to visit friends in San Fran.

I am planning on living out of my car (a tiny honda civic) I haven’t taken many long term road trips like this.

But I also like the idea of stopping at hostels to meet people, and also to get showers and such. If you like the look of this road trip then contact Meridith to discuss the trip.

Journey Across Thailand and India

Colonial is looking for a companion to travel across Thailand and India in 2012. He is looking for a similar (down to earth) partner as companion (friend), share experiences and support.

If you would like to see India and Thailand why not get in touch and discuss the trip.

How to Get Involved With These Top Trips Around The World

All these trip ideas have been suggested by needy travelers looking for adventure companions and partners. It is important if you like the sound of any of these trips or the wider travel opportunities on Globetrooper to reach out to the trip proposer as soon as possible.

Be certain to inquire about costs and timings, flights and hotel arrangements if applicable. It is also a good idea to meet in advance if you are in the same country or definitely talk via phone or email.

Remember its not just about the trip, ideally each traveler should have a little in common and be able to ‘get on’ well.

Do not meet anyone that you have never met before without affirming their identity and get to know them before you do meet for the first time. Most importantly enjoy planning your trip and be sure to report back. We are always eager to hear about completed trips not just those that are in the planning stages.