Time Travel Throughout Spain via Historical Paradores

By Lloyd C | Updated September 19th, 2010

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Parador de Cuenca in Spain

They say that time travel is impossible. However, if you’re thinking of traveling to Spain, then you could visit the gothic and medieval splendor of some of the region’s most impressive historic buildings, the Paradores.
Spain has a unique tourism policy of developing historic buildings such as castles and palaces into stylish modern hotels. The hotels combine the stunning architectural history of the buildings with painstaking renovation and this means you can almost travel back in time whilst enjoying all the modern comforts. Time Travel Throughout Spain through these fascinating and historical Paradores.

Historic Paradores (Palaces)

Stay in Paradores in Spain located across the country, dating back farther than the 14th century.

The 4 star Parador de Cardona, is an impressive hotel that is set in the breathtaking castle of Cardona. Sections of this luxury castle date back to the 8th century.
The Parador de Cardona offers an amazing chance to live the fairytale by sleeping in a real knight’s castle.

Other amazing historic paradores in Spain include:

Parador de Oropesa, Sierra de Gredos

Set in the heart of a stunning mountain range. Breathe the natural wonders of this area from the magnificent Parador de Oropesa, a 14th century castle transformed into a luxury hotel. This was once the residence of a powerful Duke and offers a romantic medieval castle atmosphere that will feel like you have stepped back in time.

Parador de Oropesa, Sierra de Gredos

The Parador de Oropesa also offers luxurious modern facilities including elegant bedrooms, a swimming pool, onsite restaurant and sundeck. You can explore the romantic historic courtyard, underground cellars and stunning antique and art galleries.

Parador de Leon, Leon

Leon is a lovely historic town in the north west of Spain. There are some impressive natural landscapes in this area with plenty of fertile fields, wide plateaus and deep gorges. You can explore this area from the Parador de Leon, a magnificent hotel located in a 16th century monastery.

Parador de Leon, Leon

The peaceful, secluded grounds provide a retreat from busy modern life and offer you the chance to go back to simpler, relaxing times. This 5 star hotel combines luxury and history into one stunning package and offers an amazing experience for guests.

Parador de Guadalupe, Extremadura

This northern Spanish region has a lot to offer visitors from historic old towns to stunning countryside. In centuries gone by many pilgrims traveled here on long, exhausting journeys that were often carried out on foot.

Parador de Guadalupe, Extremadura

The Parador de Guadalupe was once a 15th century hospital that tended to weary pilgrims and later became a prominent grammar school. Today this is a beautiful hotel set in the heart of the pretty city of Guadalupe.

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