Goa is located in Western India and is best known for its jaw-dropping beaches, out of this world parties, hippie vibes, and eclectic mix of Indian and Portuguese cultures.

While Goa, India’s beach and nightlife scene is its main attraction, those visiting can explore so much more from nature reserves and casinos to enjoying traditional cuisines and rich cultures.

Goa is the perfect, low-cost destination for those looking for excitement and a place to express themselves.

Getting There

Dabolim Airport is the sole international airport operating in Goa, India. It is located in Dabolim, Mormugão‎, Goa, India, which is nearby the state capital of Panjim. Those arriving may take public transport, taxis, and private vehicles to their intended destinations. 

Where to Stay

There are many amazing places to stay in Goa despite the state’s relatively small size. Your selection is wholly dependant on aspects like budget, location, type, and whether you’re traveling Goa during the main travel season. 

Some of the more popular resorts, hotels, and hostels include Resort Rio, Sterling Goa-Varca, Kalki Resort and Cottages, Backpacker Panda, and The White Balcao. 

Things to Do

Goa is known around the world for its amazing beaches and party atmosphere. However, there are many things to do and experience during your adventures in Goa, India. These include visits to sacred religious sites and nature parks to sightseeing tours, boating, cultural tours, and more.

Most activities are incredibly affordable due to the exchange rate for tourists. One can create a stacked itinerary for day trips or splurge with private experiences at local hot-spots.

What to Eat/Drink

Goa, with its Indian and Portuguese influences, has a diverse selection of food and drink for gastro-tourists, foodies, and anyone looking for yummy eats. Be sure to try the pork vindaloo at least once during your stay in Goa. 

Take time to enjoy local Goan favorites especially seafood dishes and tasty curries. 

Goa Travel Tips

Those traveling to Goa for the first time should come through during the off-peak season. This lets you enjoy all that Goa has to offer without feeling overwhelmed by so many others. Likewise, the offseason means cheaper accommodation, food, activities, and more. 

Take time to slow travel the area as there are many diverse things to experience. Rental scooters are a great way to experience Goa, be sure to respect road rules, wear a helmet, and carry your ID so you’re not that foreigner romping the roads.

Keep your whits about yourself since there are many scams that target tourists. If you feel a deal is too good to be true then it probably is and so you should walk away. Likewise, be mindful of yourself if you party in Goa. 

Finally, respect the locals! Do so and your time traveling Goa, India will be an amazing adventure you’ll be telling tales of for years to come!
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