The Diaries of a Jetsetter, The Mongolian Gobi Desert- Photo Edition

By Lloyd C | Updated June 3rd, 2011

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group traveling mongolian desert

If you’ve had a chance to check out our last post, The Mongolian Gobi Desert Part 1 and Part 2, you’ll see I have been journeying one of the toughest adventure challenges of my life.
I am trekking 1,600 km (1,000 miles) across the remote Gobi Desert in Mongolia. And covering over 30 km each day, all with my trusty companion Bumblebee (the Bactrian camel).
Luckily, I was able to upload a few small photos with the team’s satellite connection. And WOW! What a place to be.
This time, we cover The Mongolian Gobi Desert- Photo Edition.

I was able to upload a few small photos with the team’s satellite connection. And WOW! What a place to be. 

In less the two weeks, the expedition has lost two members due to infection, injury, and sickness. They still have at least six weeks to go, so one can only imagine it’s going to get (much) tougher from here.

The Gobi Expedition

mounds in gobi desert mongolia
Beautiful view of the dunes of the Gobi Desert. Mongolia.


gobi dessert horses
Wild Horses Running through The Gobi Dessert


Viper Snake Gobi, Mongolia
Snake in The Gobi Desert (Not sure what kind of snake this is, but it’s definitely not your common non-venomous tree python. Looks deadly to me. Any guesses? Rattlesnake maybe?)


Bactrian Camel in Gobi
Gobi Desert, Bactrian Camel (These are my personal favorites of the bunch. Certainly odd looking camels; but apparently great creatures.)


camels sunst gobi desert
Gobi Expedition 2016.  Onward march. 200 km down, only 1,400 km to go.


ger tent Mongolian desert
A Ger tent in The Gobi Desert of Mongolia


Gobi Desert Camel
Gobi Desert Ger – Is that a satellite dish I see? Who said Mongolia was behind the times?


people in the gobi desert
Gobi Desert Life – The reality of life in the Gobi Desert: a harsh environment and a tough existence. We even found carcasses of various animals are strewn along their path.