15 Fun And Exciting Niagara Falls Tours You Don’t Want To Miss

By jhenr | Updated July 19th, 2022

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There’s no doubt that Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the world. And there are plenty of great Niagara Falls tours to choose from! Whether you’re interested in history, wine, or want to see the falls up close, whether by walking tour, private SUV, or helicopter, there’s a tour for you. Here are 15 of the best and most fun Niagara Falls tours you don’t want to miss.

Niagara Falls American-Side Tour with Maid of the Mist Boat Ride

Niagara Falls from the American side in spring. A view from Niagara State Park on American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Goat Island and Horseshoe falls on the background.

One of the best ways to experience everything Niagara Falls has to offer on the American side is with “Over the Falls Tours.”

Start your tour with a hotel pick-up to the Falls, where you go down 175 ft to the Observation deck to experience the Cave of the Winds attraction.  This is the closest you can get to the falls to experience the hurricane-like weather it produces, including touching the waters.

You then continue to the Observation Tower for a unique panoramic view of all three falls – American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

Make your way down to the Maid of the Mist cruise with Panchos to help keep you dry. As the boat takes you past the falls, keep those Panchos on as Seagulls circulate the air!

Finish your tour at Niagara State Park; you should have enough time to enjoy the breathtaking views and enjoy a short picnic before returning to your starting point. 

BY: Over The Falls Tours

Skylon Tower, Niagara Falls Ontario Observation Deck Admission

Aerial view of the Skylon Tower and the beautiful Niagara Falls at Canada

If you’re looking for a fantastic view of Niagara Falls, the Skylon Tower is a must-see, starting with the glass elevator ride to the top, where you enter an indoor and outdoor observation deck.  

If you visit during the fall season, it makes for very impressive colorful views of the changing foliage – imagine the photos you can take from here!

You can expect to see amazing views of the falls as well as views of Niagara wine region and the skyscrapers of Toronto and Buffalo on a clear day.

Stay for dinner at the 360 revolving restaurants showing views of the falls and the town with all the festivities going on.

Address: Address: 5200 Robinson St, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 2A2, Canada

Niagara Falls Night Illumination Tour: American, Bridal and Horseshoe Falls

Niagara Falls at night in rainbow colors (The Horseshoe falls)

Niagara Falls ranks amongst the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And for a good reason! The 90-minute tour of this natural wonder is truly a sight to behold.

Especially when seen at night.  When the sun goes down the falls are lit with different colored lights to celebrate events and occasions. 

Enjoy a 60 or 90-minute walking tour with a guide as he takes you to the best lookout points, including Luna Island, where you can take the best Instagram-worthy pics to create a memorable experience for you and your loved ones.  

By Maid Of the Mist Walks

Hard Rock Cafe, 333 Prospect St, Niagara Falls, NY 14303, USA

Niagara Falls CANADA Domed Jet-Boat Ride

If the cold weather or the thought of getting wet prevents you from enjoying this natural beauty, then this should be the best tour for you.  

The domed jet boat tour takes you to all the hot spots at the base of the falls, where you can experience the fantastic views from below, looking up at the falls.  

Capture these amazing views through your camera or video recording – they won’t get wet – All while you sit nice and dry in the comfort of your climate-controlled boat.  

By Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours

55 River Frontage Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0, Canada

Journey Behind Niagara Falls Special Access via Boat, Canada side

Tour the Falls on the Canadian side to catch superb views from a different angle. Skip the lines and get priority entrance to the Niagara City Cruises Boat, where you enjoy breathtaking views on the Canadian side of the falls.  

Take a walking tour to learn the area’s history, including the famous Rainbow Bridge, Table Rock, Queen Victoria Place, and the Falls.

With an included reserved access to Journey the Behind the Falls Experience, you will be thrilled to get so close as to be able to touch the falls as they crash down the rocky caves and echo the already powerful sounds it makes.

This exciting tour is around three hours and includes Panchos to the boats and tickets to the included attractions.

By Walks

Start at: 5920 Niagara Pkwy

End at: 6650 Niagara Pkwy

Zipline To The Falls in Niagara Falls, Canada

Have you ever wanted to zip line over Niagara Falls? Well, now you can! WildPlay’s MistRider Zipline to the Falls is one of the best and most exciting tours available and should not be missed.  

Listen to a short briefing about the safety gears and rules, then enjoy the thrilling feeling as you zip over the Niagara Gorge.

They capture expertly positioned pictures for purchase so you can share your daring adventure with family and friends.  

The experience is hands-free, so anyone can enjoy zipping, from young to old.  Go ahead and book this one-hour tour and scratch this one off your bucket list.  

By WildPlay’s MistRider Zipline to the Falls

5920 Niagara Pkwy, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6X8, Canada

Niagara Falls CANADA Open-Top Jet-Boat Ride

Skip the Maiden of the Mist slow ride and try a daring  Open Top Jet Boat Ride.  This adrenaline-pumping ride is by far one of the best fun tours in Niagara Falls.  

No need to climb downstairs or enter caves; you will definitely get soaked, so be prepared with a change of clothes when you return.

Spend 45 minutes skimming the surface of the river at daring speeds and sharp angles that create deep waves and a rocky ride to enhance the fun of this adventure; your kids would be thrilled!

You may not see the actual falls on this attraction, but you are enjoying the water from it, so go ahead and give it a try.

By Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours

Niagara Falls Helicopter Tour

A Niagara Falls Helicopter Tour is a unique and personal way to enjoy the Falls, especially if you are pressed for time but would like to see it in its entirety. 

You’ll get unparalleled views of the falls’ American and Canadian sides, the Maid of the Mist boat ride, rainbow bridge, the  Hydroelectric Generating Station, and more.  

Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours features narrated flyovers of the area’s natural beauty through provided headsets, so you won’t miss out on learning about the rich history behind these falls.  

The tours run for about 10 minutes and get as close as possible to this natural wonder of the world so you can get your unique photos from above.

Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours 

By 454 Main Street, Niagara Falls, NY, 14301, USA

Niagara SkyWheel Admission Ticket

Experience the sights of the Falls and the surrounding attractions on the Niagara SkyWheel. Towering at 175 feet high, the view as you drive up to it is impressive by itself.  

You’ll enjoy an exciting view as your carriage rotates 360 degrees at least twice with breathtaking sights and spectacular views!

The enclosed cab is climate controlled so you can be comfortable in summer and winter and also includes audio recordings to explain sights.  The ride lasts about 12 minutes and is a wonderful way to enjoy the falls.

By Niagara SkyWheel

Best of Niagara Falls, USA Tour + Helicopter Ride

If you’re looking for the best Niagara Falls, look no further than USA Tour + Helicopter Ride. This tour gives you a bird’s eye view of the falls from a helicopter, plus a ground tour of the area. 

You’ll see all the best sights of Niagara Falls, including the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls. 

Plus, you’ll ride on an iconic Maid of the Mist boat to the bottom of the falls and the Cave of the Winds tour, where you can walk right up to the edge and touch the falls to experience it at its fiercest.

Pick-up and drop-off offered at your doorstep make this five-hour tour one of the best and most fun Niagara tours.  

By: Sight Tours

Private Niagara Falls Tour in a SUV from Toronto

There’s nothing quite like the power and beauty of Niagara Falls. And there’s no better way to experience it than on a private tour in an SUV. 

Customize your trip to please you and your crowd and make the experience all yours.  This tour leaves from Toronto, but it’s a great idea if you stay within the vicinity. 

Plan around the Niagara Casino, and Winery on the lake,  visit Lundy’s Lane, enjoy the town and all the shopping areas, or do whatever tickles your fancy.  With a private chauffeur and guide to take you around town, feel free to eat, drink,  and enjoy your time to the fullest.

 King Tours

Half-Day Wine & Cheese Tour – Niagara On The Lake Wine Tour

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend time near Niagara Falls, look no further than the Half-Day Wine & Cheese Tour – Niagara On The Lake Wine Tour. 

This tour meets at Niagara Falls or your  Niagara-on-the-Lake accommodation, where a minibus takes you to three local wineries, including one of the oldest wineries in Canada. 

Learn about the wine-making process and taste some of the area’s best wines, paired with the finest cheese.  Take lots of pictures and celebrate a special occasion with this best and most fun Niagara tour. 

By Community Transport Group – Wine Tour

Hotel pickup and drop-off ( Niagara Falls & Niagara On The Lake) 

Niagara Falls Day and Evening Tour With Boat Cruise & Dinner (optional) Toronto

See the fantastic Niagara Falls from day to night with a 9 -10 hour bus tour by Zoom Tours Niagara Falls.  

Your day trip begins with an included hotel pickup at your Toronto hotel in a comfortable vehicle with stops at the Whirlpool Spanish Aerocar, Sir Adam Beck, the Floral Clock, Generating Station, the world’s smallest chapel, and a winery to sample Canada’s famous ice wine.

The bus brings you closer to the falls than any other vehicle, where you can enjoy a tour aboard the Niagara City Cruises.  Any other attractions are available at your own expense.

As the afternoon nears the end, enjoy a meal at a restaurant of your choice or upgrade to a buffet in a hotel overlooking the falls, where you will see amazing fireworks and light shows that decorates the falls nightly.  

By Zoom Tours Niagara Falls

30 Minute Niagara Falls Airplane Tour

Are you looking for an exciting way to see Niagara Falls? Then look no further than the 30 Minute Niagara Falls Airplane Tour!  This tour will take you on a thrilling ride over the falls, giving you unparalleled views of this natural wonder.  

An essential aspect of this tour is that they are the only airplane operator allowed to fly at 1900 ft with a special government permit and provide only forward-facing seats with lots of room for camera equipment.  

Enjoy champagne and delicious chocolates as they take you around the entire lake Ontario and Niagara River, including the Vineyards.  

Bring your entire family or group under one roof to this fantastic tour of Niagara Falls and take lots of pictures to preserve your memories.

By Niagara Falls Air Tours Inc.

Niagara District Airport, 468 Niagara Stone Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0, Canada

Niagara Falls Canada – Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Heritage Tour

Here is a unique opportunity for travelers  to visit the African-Canadian Underground Railroad sites, Suspension Brdg, and BME Church, along with general areas of interest (i.e., Floral Clock, wine country, Horseshoe Falls drive-by & more.) 

The tour lasts three hours and is designed for those who appreciate history; the guide travels with a tablet that holds impressive pictures of the entire region, including Niagara Falls, as it looked from 300 years ago.  

What a unique and fun way to tour Niagara falls with the entire family! Go ahead and book your tour today!

By Motherland Connextions, Inc.


If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to see Niagara Falls, look no further than these fifteen great tours. From the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Heritage Tour to the Half Day Wine & Cheese Tour, there’s something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Book your tour today and enjoy the natural wonders of Niagara Falls from every angle.