Why Everyone Must Visit Bali, Indonesia in Their Lifetime

By Lloyd C | Updated December 12th, 2011

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If you’ve never been to Bali in Indonesia then you owe it to yourself to visit the island. According to many frequent visitors, Bali is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places anywhere on the planet.
The island of Bali is also been noted for their people of the Balinese, which are among the most gracious and cultured people on earth.
As soon as you arrive on Balinese soil prepare to step into an exciting new world of adventure, culture, and exploration.
With so many things to do and see in Bali, it may appear to be quite overwhelming. But here we make it easy and overview the must-stop destinations and activities which make for the ultimate traveler’s guide to Bali Indonesia.
When you first arrive at the airport at Bali, at the Ngurah Rai Airport (commonly referred to as Denpasar International Airport) you’ll notice the calm pace and the broad smiles of everyone you pass by.
To best enjoy your trip to the island, it’s a good idea to inform yourself of a few essential pieces of useful travel information before you arrive in Bali.

Why Visit Bali in Indonesia?

Guardian statue at entrance Bali temple / Bali Hindu temple / Bali, Indonesia

A trip to Bali is a perfect getaway for restful recuperation, adventure traveling, or a combination of both. The rich indulgent scenery has been the main factor in the attraction to the island, as well as its remote destination making it a key place for privacy.

The Beaches of Bali

bali beaches
Sandy coast of a clear sea at the Bali Barat National Park

Bali is home to impressive beaches with lush forests and vegetation. The island is a great place to relax or enjoy adventure pursuits.
In Bali rugged hills, waterfalls and exotic beaches await the intrepid traveler. For those who like to roam long distance, Bali is the ideal location, either as part of a single trip or as a multi-destination port of call.

Hiking Adventures in Bali

Many hiking associations consider Bali one of the top destinations for the island’s breathtaking scenery which is truly awe-inspiring.

bali indonesia hikinng
Hiking the cliffs of the coast of Bali, Indonesia

If you have arrived in Bali to go hiking make sure that it is the dry season.
The best time to go hiking to the top of the mountains is during the dry season because the trails are not so slippery and wet.

Furthermore, if you have gone hiking for the views of the scenery it is more likely that the there are no clouds or mist so the views from high up the hills and slopes are much clearer. Your photos will also be better outside of the rainy season.

There are plenty of remote winding paths, crystal clear lakes for fishing and even diving. You’ll have the change to discover jaw-dropping coastlines, craters, and paddies. Venture to the rice fields or the rocky heights where you’ll have the opportunity to glimpse gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

Water Sports and Marine Activities

Bali is a remarkable place for adrenaline-fueled water sports.
Visitors to the island can enjoy beachside water sports or more aggressive surfing and scuba diving amidst the corals and rocky inlets that surround the coastline.

Surfing in Bali
There are plenty of water sports opportunities in Bali including surfing

A warm climate and clear crystal waters make water sports in Bali an obvious choice for adventure activities.

Recommended Hotels and Places to Stay

There are many hotels in Bali that cater to a luxury affluent style. Traveling on a budget it is possible to find inexpensive accommodations and low-cost apartments or travel hostels. These are suitable for backpackers, water sports enthusiasts and the like of adventure.

Luxury Bali Resorts

Take a closer look at our accommodation selections and recommendations, as we have selected a few key options at each end of the price scale.

Le Grand Bali Resort Hotel
Le Grand Bali Resort Hotel

Le Grand Bali

A recommended hotel destination in Bali for those wanting relaxation and luxury.

The hotel Le Grande is a modern and stylish resort hotel with well designed, luxurious and spacious accommodations.
Le Grande has 60 suites and 130 deluxe rooms available to visitors ensuring both comfort and style.

Le Grande Suites sits at the very center of the New Kuta locale in Bali and is a great base for relaxing or adventuring.
Find out more about the Le Grand Bali Resort.


The Bulgari Hotel Bali
The Bulgari Hotel Bali

The Bulgari Resort and Hotel

The 59-villa Bulgari Resort Bali brings the style of two unique regions together and combines traditional Balinese design while preserving the distinctive Bulgari Italian style.

The garden and interior walls are constructed from the finest natural stone with refined bangkiray hardwood in the hotel villas.

The hotel designers at the Bulgari Resort have used a naturally green colored subakumi stone to clad outdoor showers and swimming pools, creating a unique accommodation experience for travelers visiting the hotel.
Find out more about The Bulgari Hotel Bali.


The Conrad Hotel Bali
The Conrad Hotel Bali

The Conrad Hotel Bali

The luxury Conrad Bali hotel is presented within 6.8 hectares of well-tended, tropical gardens and crystal clear turquoise lagoons. The unique lands are matched with cascading waterfalls and tranquil water pools that gracefully descend onto the hotel’s wide expanse of white sandy beach and protected inlet.

The Conrad Bali Hotel offers guests a full range of facilities includes a 33-metre swimming pool, a jogging track with landscaped gardens, plus a broad range of water and beach sports.

The Conrad Hotel also features a group of floodlit tennis courts, as well as a modern Fitness Center, and the luxury Jiwa Spa for peaceful relaxation and sensual treatments. Discover more about the Conrad Hotel in Bali.


Budget Accommodations in Bali

Green Garden Hotel

The Green Garden Hotel is one of Bali’s premier budget hotels and offers travelers to the island quality service, great value for money and a prime location suitable for all kinds of activities.
The unique selling point of this hotel is its friendly Balinese hospitality and culture.
The Green Garden Hotel, is a popular family owned and operated hotel, offering travelers an experience that combines comfort with flexibility and affordability.
This accommodation principle truly makes for a home away from home.

The Island Hotel

This hostel is actually described as the first boutique hostel on the island.
Situated just a short stroll away to the famous Double 6 beach, The Island Hotel is surrounded by great restaurants, nightclubs and late night bars.
There is also a fantastic shopping district which is right on your doorstep where you can pick up some great souvenirs.
Travelers to Bali can enjoy the best of both worlds here with a chilled out culture while enjoying an excellent base for adventure activities such as hiking or diving.

Nick’s Homestay

Nick’s Homestay pairs travelers with real Balinese families in Ubud.
Travelers to Nicks’s Homestay really can feel that they belong to part of Balinese culture and the people. Nick’s Homestay welcomes guests from all over the world to come and enjoy the unique design of the Balinese holy priest.
This particular budget accommodation is a great way for travelers to appreciate the culture of Bali and feel at home in Ubud.

Local Currency in Bali

When exchanging your money for the local currency, you’ll want to ask for larger notes. One-thousand Indonesian rupiahs equal less than one dollar (or 0.116077 USD, as per the currency exchange).
The notes come in 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 versions. Be careful to count the notes carefully when exchanging your foreign currency.
Refuse to be rushed by anyone during your stay. Remember that Bali is a long way from home and there is no rush to ensure that you properly deal with finances and the exchange.

Shopping in Bali

Shopping for men’s, women’s and children’s clothes are almost as much fun as shopping for souvenirs. The quality is good, as are the prices. And there are many styles and sizes to choose from.
The Balinese are especially fond of children, so you’ll find plenty of attire and some designer fashions that specially made for the little ones.
You will not need fancy clothes, as the island is rather casual where one would not wear evening wear or dress shoes.
We suggest you pack open-toed sandals that are easy to walk in.
You might also want to bring a pair of sneakers or rugged hiking shoes if you are walking or hiking else good beachwear will do the trick.

The Weather in Bali

What about the weather indeed, the most important question for many! There is high humidity and there are usually scattered thunderstorms that refresh and clear the air.
If you’re not accustomed to a temperature in the high eighties, you may feel compelled to rush into your hotel room and turn on the air conditioning.
Before you do that, rather than turning the a/c on full-blast, consider turning it down a few notches below what the temperature is outside.
That will be more than enough to cool you down, and, remember, you will be going in and out. Your own body thermometer will soon adjust.

Using Electrical Items

What sort of electrical outlets do hotels in Bali use? Most use 220 V, 50 cycles.
You will need to bring appliances with the prongs that are the dual round ones.

If you are female and a good hair dryer is essential packing then you want to make certain that it works!
There is a well-known supermarket in Bali named “Matahari’s” which carries adaptors if you find yourself in need of one. (Ask the person at the front desk of your hotel where the nearest “Matahari’s” store is.)

Local Cuisine in Bali

Meals in Indonesia include plenty of scintillating curries, tummy filing black-eyed peas with eggplants, cooling cucumbers, and redolent mustards.
Dishes often contain coconut milk and fragrant fruits like pineapples and papayas.
Spices are used liberally. Rice is a staple part of the diet. You’ll find the food flavorful, rich and healthy. Enjoy the tropical cuisine!

Most people who have traveled to Bali soon start to wish that they had packed a little less in their suitcase, as they inevitably end up leaving the country with much more in the way of purchased apparel.