The Best Destinations and Experiences in Saint Martin

Saint Martin is an island in the Caribbean comprised of two separate countries: the northern French side of Saint-Martin and the southern Dutch side of Sint Maarten. At only thirty-seven square miles, the island is one of the smallest land masses divided between two countries.

Saint Martin History

In 1493, Christopher Columbus discovered the island and named it in honor of Saint Martin of Tours. Europeans sought out the island for its abundance of salt. Over the next few years, The Spanish and Dutch took turns controlling the island.

In 1648, the Dutch returned to the island to find it occupied by the French, with whom they signed a partition treaty. An almost unnoticeable border indicates the partition on the island. This peaceful cohabitation of the two communities for decades has allowed this island to become a distinctive holiday and shopping paradise of the Caribbean.

Sint Maarten

The Dutch part of the island, Sint Maarten, has coastal lagoons, salt pans, and sand spits. The capital city is Philipsburg. The economy relies heavily on tourism, as the clean beaches and pleasant climate have people returning for more. The Dutch side is also seeing more and more property developments are being constructed with high-rise apartments and waterfront communities propping up along the coast.

Saint Martin

The French part of the island, Saint-Martin, holds more of the island’s natural wonders with gorgeous beaches, rocky coves, and scenic green hills. The capital city is Marigot. Locals and tourists both agree the French side has a more “European” feel than the Dutch. Most of the people are of African or mixed African-European heritage. French is the official language, but English is also an option.

Saint Martin Beach

Best Things to Do in St Martin

  1.  The World’s Steepest Zip Line – St. Maarten zip line is the world’s steepest zip line dropping more than 1,000 ft in elevation with about 2,800 feet of cables with amazing views of the island.
  2.  Loterie Farm – This 100 acres of natural preserve site on the French side of the island with lush foliage with many hiking trails, mango trees, and zip line activities.
  3. Princess Juliana International Airport –  This airport sites on the Dutch side of the island with an extremely short run away located just steps from the Maho Beach.  You have the option to lay back and enjoy the flyovers while having a cocktail at neighboring Sunset Beach Bar which also post times of arrival and departure of flights.
  4. Philipsburg St. Maarten’s Capital – Philipsburg is a major port for cruise ships as its just steps away from ship docks. This city is famous for duty-free shopping making it a great place to pick up items.
  5. Explore French Side, St. Martin  – As this island is known as the “The Friendly Island” the capital is no different exploring this amazing eastern Caribbean island you will find amazing people and things to do.

St Maarten Beaches

St Maarten is located in the Caribbean Sea in the Atlantic Ocean with 37 amazing beaches this eastern Caribbean island has a number of amazing beaches to explore.

  1. Long Bay
  2. Plum Bay
  3. Baie Rouge
  4. Little Bay
  5. Wettle Bay Seaside
  6. Wettle Bay Lagoon Side
  7. Explore Island
  8. Galisbay
  9. Lovers Beach
  10. Friar’s Bay
  11. Happy Bay
  12. Grand Case Bay
  13. Petite Plage
  14. Arise Marcel
  15. Petites Cayes
  16. Grandes Cayes
  17. Tintamarre
  18. Pinel Island
  19. Orient Bay
  20. Green Cay
  21. Galion Beach
  22. Baie de I’Embouchure
  23. Lucas Bay
  24. Dawn Beach
  25. Guana Beach
  26. Gemeve Bay
  27. Great Bay
  28. Little Bay
  29. Clay Bay
  30. Pelican Cay
  31. Simpson Bay
  32. Burgeaux Beach
  33. Maho Beach
  34. Mullet Bay
  35. Cupecoy


Weather-wise, Saint Martin is sunny and warm year-round, averaging 82 ℉. The island possesses the trade winds that allow the temperate to feel cool all year long. The peak travel season goes from December to mid-April as travelers suffering from cold winters from the United States and Canada flock here for warmth. Be sure to avoid lengthy travel to the island between July and October, as hurricane season churns up the Caribbean Sea.

In September 2017, Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated the island of Saint Martin and as a result, has become one of the worst natural disasters of its history. Fortunately today, tourism has begun to pick up again, and the island’s infrastructure slowly rebuilds, and hotels and resorts are constructed stronger and better than ever.

Today, visitors will never be bored as the island has thirty-seven white sandy beaches, hundreds of duty-free shops, a diverse array of restaurants, casinos, and tons of water sports. Be sure to head to Saint Martin for a perfect blend of European sophistication mixed with warm hospitality and fantastic island sceneries you won’t ever regret seeing.