Staycations: An Easier, Cheaper Way to Enjoy the Summer

By Lloyd C | Updated July 8th, 2011

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staycation man and woman

Too many people think that holidays at home are just a cop-out or a compromise.
However, more than ever before, travelers are opting for “staycations”. Which also allows them to spend their hard-earned cash in their own backyard.
It’s hardly surprising, either; the USA and the UK boast an extensive number of beautiful places incorporating wonderful coastlines and stunning countryside; all of these delights are just waiting to be explored.

Cottage Life

Cottage holidays are becoming much more popular, too. Adding a luxury experience to a cheaper and cheerful holiday.
Given that your backyard is home to a range of action-packed activities, people can add hiking, cycling, rock-climbing, horse-riding, and windsurfing to their itinerary. And with the comfort of a cottage or villa rental, one can return home and prop their feet up at the end of a busy day.


Benefits of Staycationing

Obviously traveling over long distances can restrict a budget by a lot of money. Flight taxes are rising by the month, it seems, so jumping in the car can sometimes be your best option.

It is hardly surprising that more folks are shunning Europe and the US – with their consistently poor exchange rates – in favor of cottage holidays.
Of course, the stress associated with long travel times, check-in queues and worrying about luggage are removed.

Ultimately, you’ll also be helping your local economy with your decision to enjoy a staycation.
Staycations encourage more activity and spending in the community while also supporting local businesses, who are being hit harder than ever by inflation.
Taking a large family to these local restaurants or pastry shops could keep these destinations safe from the tough economic outlook, stimulating the area to become even greater upon a return visit in the near future.

Just because you live in the USA or UK doesn’t mean you know everything about your own country, nor will you have experienced some of its greatest delights.
Save the trip abroad until next year and save money by going on a cottage holiday – you’ll not regret your decision!