Why Jeffersonville, Indiana is the perfect travel destination

By nmwgroup | Updated June 2nd, 2022

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Jeffersonville, Indiana, sits on the banks of the Ohio River and offers several things to do and see in addition to the traditional tourist attractions. Jeffersonville was founded in 1797 by John Paul Jones, who later became an Admiral in the US Navy and helped capture several British ships during the Revolutionary War.

When you visit Jeffersonville, you can tour his house, which still stands as part of the Old Towne Historic District. You can also stroll along the Riverwalk or cross over to Louisville, Kentucky, and explore their attractions as well! Here are some of the best things to do in Jeffersonville.

Howard Steamboat Museum & Mansion

Victorian Mansion

One of Indiana’s most treasured historical sites is right here in Jeffersonville. The Howard Steamboat Museum & Mansion, built-in 1894, showcases how life was during Indiana’s golden age of steamboats.

You can tour Howard’s former home, all 22 rooms, and admire the architect built in Romanesque style. Inside, you will be amazed at over 90% of original family furnishings with photographs, paintings, half-hull models, tools, and other historical artifacts.

Explore what life was like back then through interactive exhibits or stroll along Riverwalk Park while you take it all in. This museum is an excellent place for curious minds.

Big Four Bridge

The Big Four Bridge across the Ohio River between Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffersonville, Indiana

The Big Four Bridge uses the space of the former railroad, which connects beautiful Jeffersonville, Indiana, and Louisville, Kentucky. The area was converted into a bicycle and walking trail in 2014. It is 1/4 mile long with room for up to 6 pedestrians or cyclists on either side of it at any given time.

You can admire the fantastic views of the green space and fountains from the bridge that is Big Four, Station Park. On occasions, they have events like the farmer’s market. The park is located close to downtown Jefferson where you can find many restaurants and shops for your liking.

Southern Indiana Visitors Center

The Southern Indiana Visitors Center is a great place to stop when planning your visit. They can provide you with brochures, menus, and more detailed information on the local history.

Every small town hosts various events at different times. Speak to someone at the Visitors center in Jacksonville, Indiana; they will be more than happy to fill you in on all of it.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fishermans Wharf a

While not a traditional tourist spot for most visitors, Fisherman’s Wharf on Falls of Ohio offers visitors a unique outdoor experience. Fisherman’s Wharf features a fishing pier (great for walleye and catfish) and, overall, just an excellent place to relax or take a walk or bike ride with a family or friends.

Vintage Fire Museum

The Vintage Fire Museum is located inside a 1912 firehouse. There are more than 100 firefighting vehicles on display throughout history.

The museum has on display antique firefighting equipment and uniforms. Step back in time and learn how firefighters used to protect their communities! Children will love all of the old-fashioned activities at Jeffersonville’s vintage Fire Museum! A visit here is an exciting adventure for people of all ages!

Richard L. Vissing Park

Named after a former Director of Parks and Recreation for Clark County (Indiana), Richard L. Vissing Park is a 3-acre park located just off of Riverside Drive near downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana.

It’s open every day and features two walking trails that wind through tall trees and scenic overlooks along Fall Creek. A fun space where you can relax and enjoy yourself with family and friends.

Schimpffs Confectionery

Portrait of an excited beautiful girl wearing dress and sunglasses holding shopping bags isolated over blue background

A favorite place to visit in Jeffersonville, Indiana, is Schimpffs Confectionery. While they have a wide variety of candies and sweets available for purchase, one of their most popular attractions is their 50’s soda fountain.

They offer an array of drinks that perfectly compliment your sweet tooth! Since opening its doors as a candy shop in 1891, Schimpffs has become much more than just that. The business expanded over the years and now offers many different treats for kids and adults alike.

Some of their favorite candies are cinnamon Red Hots, hard candy fish, and Modjeskas. Adding to the traditional favorites are the chocolate, caramel, and pecan confection which have been molded to the shape of a turtle.

Ohio River Greenway

Kentucky and Ohio River with blue sky and clouds

The Ohio River Greenway is a large pedestrian and bike path that stretches for more than 25 miles along an old rail line on both sides of the Ohio River. It’s easily a favorite thing to do in Jeffersonville, Indiana! The greenway is great for trail running, walking, biking, and picnicking.

It’s easy to get off at any point and visit some of our favorite local restaurants. And you can even catch a glimpse of Cincinnati on a clear day.

Spa Nature

Towel on fern with candles and black hot stone on wooden background. Hot stone massage setting lit by candles. Massage therapy for one person with candle light. Beauty spa treatment and relax concept.

At Spa-Nature, healing is their passion. They provide a holistic alternative to managing stress and pain. Guests can choose from various services such as massages, body wraps, and scrubs.

If you find yourself needing some downtime after your treatments or want a place to relax, grab one of their great books and enjoy reading near one of their fireplaces.


Big4escape has rooms that challenge your mind and drive you to escape. This is a great activity to bring families together through interaction and problem solving or to just to enjoy the thrill of it all, each room brings a new set of problems; whether it’s obstacles like locked doors or clues on how to exit—it’s up to you to put all these pieces together.

They even have a cool splash and splatter room where you wear the provided protective goggles and pancho and throw paint at the canvas, wall or each other. so fun! At Big4escape in Jeffersonville, Indiana, you and your group can try any one of their escape rooms and be sure to have a great time.

Match Lounge

Closeup of Winery Tasting Room Open sign with bokeh background of grape vineyard winery farm landscape

Match Lounge is one of our top picks for a laid-back atmosphere with good Cigars, comfortable leather seats, good music, and smooth drinks. Jeff Mouttet the owner, created this fabulous indoor cigar boutique as an excellent place for his fellow cigar lovers to sit back and enjoy a moment for themselves.

Vendors Village

Antique furniture store with wooden goods

Located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, is this charming antique market. Many vendors come together with their mix of unique pieces, from furniture to jewelry to hard-to-find items. Perfect for taking a nice walk and browsing through their many treasures. You never know what exciting things one may find.

So there you have it! Visit Jeffersonville, Indiana, and enjoy the homely feel of this small town. Have a blast with some of these local activities, make memories, and take lots of pictures. Your family will be very happy you did.