Best Things to Do in Vincennes (Indiana)

By jhenr | Updated July 12th, 2022

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If you’re looking to visit Vincennes, Indiana, there are several things that you should do while you’re there. Though it might not be the biggest city in the country, it’s definitely the most unique and interesting destination in Indiana, and if you take advantage of everything it has to offer, you’ll find yourself having one of the best times of your life! To help you get started with your trip planning, here are the five things that I think every visitor to Vincennes needs to see!

Indiana Military Museum

Camp Atterbury, IN–October 23, 2014, M50 Ontos armored vehicle sits in the morning fog at Indiana National Guard Museum. Photo by Phil Rozenski, Shiloh, IL

The Indiana Military Museum, located in Vincennes, is a proud museum displaying much of Indiana’s military history from territorial militia days. Inside you’ll find weapons from as far back as 300 years ago and some more modern pieces of equipment.  

Imagine being inside a submarine and an actual “sail”, Go visit and enjoy all this museum has to offer.

The exhibits are interactive and quite thought-provoking for anyone who enjoys seeing our country’s military history and respect for those who fight for our freedoms.  

There are also many artifacts on display that Hoosier soldiers collected while stationed overseas. The Indiana Military Museum has something for everyone’s interest.

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park

Hystoric church in George Rogers Clark national historic park in Vincennes Indiana

Visitors can explore Indiana’s historical past by visiting George Rogers Clark National Historical Park. The memorial structure pays tribute to General George Rogers Clark (who captured and occupied parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio during his military career) and other soldiers who fought alongside him.  

This site is believed to be Fort Sackville, where General Clark claimed victory over the British. Today, it remains one of the most memorable and proud moments of the American Revolution.  Next to the memorial is the visitor center that displays interpretive programs.

Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy

Performing arts are a big part of Vincennes’ culture, so one stop you should make at The Red Skelton Museum of American Comedy. The Red Skelton Museum provides an educational and entertaining look at comic great Red Skelton’s life and career. 

He dedicated his life to his passion for comedy. He was rewarded with having his radio show, performing on Broadway, and even eventually turning his radio show into a Television show.  He was so successful that the TV show brought him three Emmy Awards. 

Grouseland (William Henry Harrison Mansion)

Plaque at William Henry Harrison’s Grouseland

Established in 1812, Grouseland (William Henry Harrison Mansion) was Indiana’s first state-owned historic site. But you don’t have to live in Indiana to enjoy it. The mansion is a historical landmark and museum dedicated to President William Henry Harrison. 

Harrison was elected president in 1840 but died just one month into his pneumonia term. He had only lived at Grouseland for three months before his death; he entertained two U.S. presidents and more than 50 foreign dignitaries at home, according to Indiana Landmarks. 

Today, visitors can tour 12 rooms of Grouseland and grounds that were part of President Harrison’s original property.

Ouabache Trails Park

Autumn landscape along the Cowles Bog Trail on a rainy morning. Indiana Dunes National Park, Indiana, USA

With lovely camping grounds and cabins, Ouabache Trails Park is your place to gather with large families or groups of people.  They have great hiking trails and a picnic area.  The large open fields are perfect for enjoying the sunshine or for spending quality time with family and friends.  Try flying a kite or have some water gun fun.  The park’s a great way to beat Indiana’s heat and is fun for all ages.

Rainbow Beach Family Aquatic Center

Blurred children and their parents enjoy swimming and water activities at community outdoor swimming pool. Healthy lifestyle, active parent, swim lesson activity, family vacation at aquatic center

For an actual Indiana summer experience (or just a fantastic escape), head to Rainbow Beach Family Aquatic Center. The water park has various options, including kiddie pools and fountains explicitly designed for younger kids. In addition to pool fun, there’s a splash pad to provide hours of entertainment. Head over early or later in the evening during the peak season to avoid crowds.  The Aquatic Center is located in Gregg Park, where you can have a nice picnic while you dry off.  The park has playgrounds and an excellent football field to enjoy.

Tecumseh Sculpture

Vincennes, Indiana – January 31 2015: Statues guarding the Lincoln Memorial Bridge, Tecumseh and his brother, The Prophet.

The Tecumseh Sculpture is one of many historical sites around Vincennes, Indiana. A giant bronze statue of the famous Native American Chief Tecumseh was constructed over 100 years ago. The sculpture sits atop a granite base with three-foot-tall eagles on each corner.

The figure is part of a series of carvings created by Peter Wolf called “Trail of the Whispering Giants.” to honor Tecumseh, a Native American warrior who sat down with Governer William Henry to try to save the land his people lived on.  Pretty cool to stop by and take a look, and snap a photo for your vacation collection.

Art Space Vincennes

Abstract blur contemporary art gallery for background usage

If you’re looking for a little culture on your weekend getaway, head to Art Space Vincennes. The small gallery and studio display contemporary pieces done by artists  Andrew Jendrzejewski and Amy DeLap, along with others they represent and carefully selected artists’ work. 

Some of the work encompasses collage, assemblage, drawing, “postal art,” photography, and painting. Stop by and have a moment with these experimental masterpieces of art. They also participate in the First Friday Art Walks and other artists at the nearby university campus.  

Shaker’s Landing Antiques

Mature family couple buying antique things at the fleamarket outdoor

If you’re into Primitive, Victorian, and Retro items, Check out Shaker’s Landing Antiques.  They have a massive display in their 10000 sq feet shop.  Some things you would find are historic maps, military items, glassware, vintage jewelry furniture, and old signage.

Their services include custom picture framing and restoration services for your treasured pieces.  Whether you are looking to buy, sell or trade, you will find something to satisfy your collection.

Cutter’s Way

cold bottles of beer in bucket with ice on wooden table

If you’re looking for a nice place to chill out and have an ice-cold beer or drink, stop by Cutter’s Way.    The bar Serves all the essentials, but you can always customize a specialty drink for your taste.  They also offer live music for your entertainment—a cute place for a date night. 

Lincoln Memorial Bridge

The Abraham Lincoln Bridge and the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge across the Ohio River between Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffersonville, Indiana

Take a stroll across Lincoln Memorial Bridge and enjoy a scenic overlook of downtown Vincennes. 

This bridge was constructed as part of U.S. Route 50, one of Indiana’s oldest state highways; it has been labeled an Indiana historic landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and National Civil Engineering Landmarks lists.  

Take a moment to read the history plaques on both ends and learn all about this memorable bridge.  

Faith Store

Portrait of an excited beautiful girl wearing dress and sunglasses holding shopping bags isolated over blue background

Faith Store is a local non-profit boutique that sells beautiful and unique items, from miniatures to clothes, jewelry, organic soaps, and so much more.  Their proceeds support charities from around the world to help instill faith and empower those in need.  Stop by, check out their store and support a worthy cause! It’s a win-win for everyone.


Vincennes is a city full of historical sites and family-friendly activities. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an exciting weekend trip with friends, you can have it all in Indiana’s third-largest city. If you’re planning a vacation soon, check out our guide to some of Vincennes best attractions!