Ways to Save Money While Traveling

By Lloyd C | Updated June 24th, 2014

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save money for travel

Enjoying yourself whilst on vacation is one of the major benefits of getting away. But, having fun without it burning a hole in your pocket is often a challenge. Diligent budgeting and keeping an eye on exactly where your money goes will leave more cash in your wallet or purse for a stress-free break. A cheap vacation cost will leave you with more money to do other things on the trip.

With a little forethought about where you wish to head, you find a cheap summer package can give you that great getaway without the stinging costs attached. But apart from making big savings on your choice of holiday, remember that the little savings can add up to become significant in their own right too.

Find a Cheap Vacation Rental

affordable vacation rental

When choosing accommodation, shop around for the best deal. Check comparison websites to tease out the best prices for hotels and hostels. Hostels can be an exceedingly cheap option if you don’t mind things a little basic, although as an added bonus some offer free Internet connection and even a free breakfast. Cheap accommodations can lead to a cheap vacation.

Vacation Rental Website:

  1. Airbnb.com
  2. VacationRental.com
  3. VRBO.com
  4. HomeAway.com

Shop Locally and at Farmers Market

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If you’re taking toiletries, it’s best not to buy miniature-sized bottles for traveling. Instead, look for some unused, empty bottles and decant your products into them. Essentially, this means you’ll continue to use the same toiletries aboard as you would at home while saving yourself from forking out for more.

Saving on the Phone

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Another tip before you venture abroad is to turn 3G and roaming charges off. They will prevent you from incurring unexpected and colossal charges from your cell phone provider. If you’re thinking of using your cell phone abroad, check with your service provider about arranging cheaper roaming charges before you travel.

Shortlisting Sites

If you’re on a sightseeing vacation, plan where to go before you travel. Seek out all the free landmarks and only pay for the ones that you really want to see. Interestingly, your local library may provide travel guides for your planned excursion. A visit may also give the chance to familiarize yourself with the nation’s language through reading simple phrasebooks. If you’re buying souvenirs or gifts, you might be able to haggle or negotiate a price suited to your budget. Forward thinking and forward planning will allow you to spend money in other areas.

Using the Power of Vouchers

Finally, trawl the web for vouchers and discount codes if you’re visiting places of interest. You may also find that purchasing tickets in advance will save you money, so be prepared to invest a little time to make a return.

So, with some forward-thinking, budgeting doesn’t have to be a drag. When the savings mount up, you’ll be glad that you took invested all that time and effort. Now get out there and enjoy all those fun things you’ve saved for.