Globetrooper Weekly Trip Roundup 10th December 2011

By Lloyd C | Updated December 10th, 2011

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It is the time of year to plan winter vacations and travel expeditions for the more adventurous. What will it be this winter, hiking or skiing in the alps, a spot of rock climbing in the Nevada desert, river rafting down the Amazon river or shored up on South Beach with a Tequila Sunrise?

Winter and the holiday season brings families together for vacations across the globe, winter sun enthusiasts are flying out while snow sport aficionados are hitting the alpine slopes. Take a look at this weeks pick of the trips on Globetrooper.

Visit the West Coast of California Motorcycle Tour

Dave is riding his Ducati motorbike across the Californian west coast then is off to the UK. This is an excerpt from the trip.

In spring/summer of 2012, I plan on riding my old Ducati down the West Coast of California. Visit the Grand Canyon then will make my way through the Southern US before shipping the bike and myself to the UK.
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I’ll visit big parts of Europe and if it hasn’t gotten cold, I’ll ride across Russia, ferry the bike to South Korea and ship it to Seattle. Find out more about this trip.

Summer 2012 in Tokyo Japan

Isalcido75 is hoping to visit the city of Tokyo in Japan in summer 2012, read a little about the trip. I’m planning on spending the summer in Tokyo.

Nothing to crazy, just planning on spending time in the city, touring, and taking weekend trips around Japan.

Looking for someone who will be in the area who might want to sight see with me, or even possibly anyone who wants to rent a shared room with me via Sakura house or Oak house. If you feel like seeing Japan get in touch.

Spend New Year Festivities in Toronto

Isaline is looking to spend the New Year festivities in Toronto, Canada and is looking for travel partners. The trip is described as follows.

Spend New Year Festivities in Toronto
Spend New Year Festivities in Toronto

We already have our transportation tickets, but my husband and I will be in Toronto, possibly Montreal for New Years eve.

We live in the US on the East Coast. I am French and he is from Colorado. It will be his first time in Canada, and I like to surprise him. I just want to do something different.

I feel like we can just go to a random club like we would if we stayed in DC. I want it to be a Great memory.

So, I am looking for other people who will be in the area at the time, or are from there, have been there at that time and have recommendation. If a trip to Canada sounds like fun then find out more.

India, Nepal and Tibet Tour

Travlnutzy is searching for travel buddies to embark on a tour of India, Nepal and Tibet, he plans on seeing the golden triangle, Varansai and then make my way to Nepal and Tibet.

Don’t have any things planned but would like to do part of it with a tour so would love a travel buddy. Get in touch to discover more about the tour.

Two Weeks in the Spanish City of Barcelona

1955Edmonton is seeking travel partners to journey to Barcelona in north east Spain. Here is a little excerpt from the trip.

I’m female, 56. Spain has been calling me for years perhaps because my ancestors came from there, no more cultural shock for me and I speak the language.

I will use air miles to get there and use my budget to see sights and enjoy activities. Any two weeks inside May and June is open. Why not travel to Barcelona and be part of the fun?

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