Globetrooper Weekly Trip Roundup January 12 2012

By Lloyd C | Updated January 12th, 2012

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Well we are in Mexico right now, flew out last week from sunny UK ( actually its not sunny at all ) and presently are hovering around the Riviera Maya area which is a little south of Cancun.

More about this expedition to Mexico in a future feature article series on Globetrooper but lets say we are travel blogging here and there as far as the patchy hotel wi-fi permits, all great fun and a world away from the office back home.

There are some pretty cool and original trip ideas listed on Globetrooper this week, it is clear that a lot of people are taking their 2012 travel plans and aspirations very seriously indeed and hope to find some equally serious travel partners along the way!

Some of the trip ideas that piqued our curiosity this time around across the site include exciting travel propositions to distant New Zealand, Thailand and a rather unique trip idea that takes travelers trekking around the Albanian Alps in Eastern Europe.

Travel to New Zealand in 2012

Globetrooper user ‘Noodles’ is hoping to visit New Zealand in October 2012 and is looking for travel partners from the UK. Check out the lowdown on the trip.

I am going traveling In October 2012. Going to find fun and adventure where ever I can.

I am looking for like minded people from the United Kingdom. Anyone wanting to come along will have to be able to meet up a few times in the UK and get to know each other before departure. Learn more about this trip.

Thailand in Winter

User Julianna is planning a trip to Thailand in late 2012, she is trying to find travel partners who might enjoy such a trip to Asia. This is what she had to say about the trip idea.

I am planning on touring Thailand the first week or so then a yoga retreat the second week.
I have friends who have been here before and I will use their recommendations on where to go.

I have heard that it is better to book hotels when you are there and able to look at the room first.
I would like to travel with people who are responsible but want to have fun. Find out more about this trip.

Trekking in the Albanian Alps

One of the more adventurous trip ideas that caught our eye is a guided tour proposal from Globetrooper user Migen.

For a unique hiking experience try trekking in the Albanian Alps
For a unique hiking experience try trekking in the Albanian Alps

For any users that feel like hiking in the Albania pastures and seeing the rural life in Albania this could be a trip of great interest, take a look at the trip lowdown.

The Alpine Pastures offer one of the least explored paths of the Albanian mountains.

Used not so often by peasant families during communism is considered a hidden unspoiled area.
As we walk through these gorgeous mountains we will be accommodated in the peasant’s alpine huts.

The local cuisine and hospitality is particularly interesting in the end of a long day. Discover more about this guided tour to Albania.

Plan an Adventure Trip or Create a Bespoke Travel Idea

This is just a small selection of the exciting trips created by our users now available to join listed on Globetrooper. As always it is very easy to create a bespoke trip idea and let travel partners from all over the world find you.

Make sure you list a trip in plenty of time to allow groups to form and adequate travel and contact information about the trips to be passed to all who have expressed interest in the trip idea. Create your perfect trip right now.