Globetrooper Weekly Trip Roundup

By Lloyd C | Updated November 3rd, 2011

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The last week has seen a really diverse and imaginative selection of new trips and travel ideas posted onto Globetrooper, with many new users joining the site looking for exciting new travel partners and some great trip ideas coming in from the tour operators also.

Below are just a selection of recent trips that have appeared on Globetrooper over the last few days.

Remember should a particular trip appeal to you, all that you have to do to get involved is follow the trip and communicate with the proposer for more details.

TEFL Touring – Graham from South Africa is Proposing a Group Trip for Teachers

We are planning a TEFL group trip, take a look at the list of countries we are planning on visiting (in no particular order). The idea is to work our way around the world & the best way to do that is to start out doing a few TEFL contracts.

Myself & a friend of mine are beginning our TEFL course this December and will be accredited somewhere in March 2012. Read more about this trip.

The English Pub Trip – Cruise Around the United Kingdom From Pub to Pub

Jaswick is thinking of exploring England, then perhaps Scotland or Wales, he is eager to see why so many tourists seem to visit the United Kingdom every year. If you like beer, cider and ale and the atmosphere of English pubs then this could be the trip for you.

Each time we reach a new town or city destination the plan is to stop off at the local pub, have loads of cider, then visit the next place (Highlands, Lake District etc). Read more about this trip.

Road Trip U.S.A 2012 – Travel Across the United States of America in this Exciting Road Trip

Xcountryusa is planning a trip by road across the U.S.A. The trip consists of a cross country Road Trip traveling from coast to coast in 28 days.

Visiting NY-DC- Chicago-Badlands-Boulder-Mesa Verde-Bryce-Vegas-Grand Canyon- Sedona-LA-Bigsur- San Francisco. Read more about this trip.

See Europe- Great Places in Europe including Spain, Italy and Ireland

Sherri is planning a trip to Europe. She wants to see and experience so many things within a 2 week span: the Coliseum, Tower of Piza, Stonehenge, pyramids. She is willing to stay in hostels, due to cost, and travel via plane and train from country to country.

Sherri would love visit Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Athens, castles in Ireland and Scotland and so much more. Read more about this trip.

Another Europe Trip, Go  Backpacking Across Mainland Europe

Josh is planning on traveling around Europe with no set schedule over the summer of 2012, for 6-8 weeks.

Will be leaving late May, early July. Very flexible. Looking for flexible travel buddies. Learn more about this trip.

South America Tour in 2012

Matts83 is planning to tour South America in 2012. Drop him a line if you would like to join him. The plan is to go South to North up the west side of South America for around 6-8 weeks.

Totally open to suggestions on what to do on the way. Learn more about this trip.

Get Involved With Travel and Adventure Trips at Globetrooper

If any of these upcoming trips look like exciting travel ideas then be sure to ask the trip proposer for more details on the timings, the costs, transportation and the meeting arrangements.

Alternatively why not suggest your own trip or vacation idea using the Globetrooper Trip Wizard. Creating a trip is free for individual travelers, what are you waiting for.