15 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

By Waleed M | Updated November 12th, 2020

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There are a lot of reasons to visit the Caribbean Islands on your next holiday. The most popular reasons travelers go to the region are the beaches and warm tropical weather – not always in that order. The Caribbean Islands are much more than beaches and sunny weather, however. The islands that make up this list demonstrate just how diverse and exciting each place is for a holiday.


Jamaica combines adventure, food, and culture into one unbeatable package for a holiday. The island is a fantastic place to visit and is much more than just a beach getaway. Jamaica has a unique culture that isn’t found on any other Caribbean Island. Of course, the reason to visit Jamaica is for the beaches and there are miles of great golden sand shores to experience.

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos are a little off the beaten path in the Caribbean. In 2019, the United Nations World Tourism Organization reported that just 1.6 million international travelers visited the island nation. Turks and Caicos are laidback but offer a tourism infrastructure allowing travelers to experience a comfortable stay. What travelers won’t experience is an island overrun with tourists.

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are actually two islands that make one great holiday destination. The country is filled with natural wonders for travelers that want to get outside and explore nature. Trinidad and Tobago are filled with diverse cultures and these are celebrated throughout the year with festivals, public events, and more. The beaches are ideal on Trinidad and Tobago as blue skies rarely give way to clouds.


In spite of all the propaganda released over the years from the United States in regards to Cuba, the Caribbean country is one of the most beautiful in the region. There is an apparent contrast between what travelers hear about Cuba and what they actually see. The waters are crystal clear and a day at the beach is an ideal way to spend time. Walking down the streets of Havana can feel like stepping back in time due to the old cars, historic architecture, and tiny shops. Grab yourself a Cuban cigar and sit outside a cafe to enjoy a slower pace of life. It is time well-spent.

St Lucia

Tranquil beaches, lush rainforests, and nearly non-stop sunshine are all on offer during a trip to St Lucia. One of the top reasons to visit St Lucia is its cuisine. Foodies will fall in love with authentic creole cuisine that is prepared using age-old recipes passed down through the generations. The local landscape of forests and mountains make St Lucia an excellent destination for outdoor lovers.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda have a brilliant selection of luxury accommodation. Resorts are plentiful on Antigua, giving you the chance to live like a king or queen on the tropical island. Foodies have the chance to eat fresh seafood each day with most menus serving up fish caught just hours previously. Antigua experiences lower humidity compared to some of its Caribbean neighbors. That alone is a reason to visit the luxurious islands.

US Virgin Island

The beaches in the US Virgin Islands resemble sugar. The sands are bright white, soft, and sweet to lounge upon. The island is packed with history and culture vultures will have plenty to explore. St. Thomas, the most popular island to visit, has five historical landmarks such as Blackbeard’s Castle, which are must-see.


Aruba is an island in the trade winds of the Caribbean Islands. It is a travel destination bathed with turquoise water and sunlight. Aruba claims to have more sunny days than any other island in the region – which is a bold declaration. The island is a beach playground and offers travelers something other destinations in the area may not – safety.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an ideal place thanks to its great infrastructure. It has the Caribbean’s best transport system and is advanced compared to other islands. The island provides tourists the largest selection of beachfront properties, apartments, and activities to explore in the region. The island has an assortment of resorts, each offering a different experience.


The Bahamas is made up of 700 distinct islands. Its culture is unique to the islands and is different from the rest of the region. Foodies can dive into the culinary arts of the islands when they are not soaking up the sun. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular tourist activities to explore. The Bahamas’ history is around every corner and perfect for culture vultures.

St Martin

If you want Caribbean nightlife, St Martin is the ideal place to visit. Nightclubs, bars, and beach parties are popular places to spend the evening. One of the best reasons to visit St Martin is for the culture. St Martin is split into two parts, French and Dutch, making it a unique place to visit on a holiday.


White sand beaches stretch across Barbados and welcome travelers from all over the world. The island is home to a number of large resorts giving travelers a great place to base their stays. The weather is ideal year-round making it possible to explore Barbados’ fantastic natural beauty.


Bermuda isn’t just a beach paradise; it is a golf haven. There are more golf courses in Bermuda per capita than anywhere else in the world. If golf isn’t your sport of choice, then how about sailing? You can hop aboard a yacht and sail around the Caribbean Sea.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands receives more than 300 days of sunlight a year. You are guaranteed sun on your trip, but it is up to you to make sure you have fun. The weather on the Cayman Islands rarely drops below 70-degrees Fahrenheit nor does it get over 90-degrees Fahrenheit very often. The weather is regularly comfortable, making the Cayman Islands perfect for its climate.

St Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts and Nevis are the Caribbean’s smallest islands. The two islands are just 104-square miles and home to 45,000 residents. It is a quiet, laidback destination compared to other holiday locations in the region. Culture vultures will love learning about St Kitts and Nevis’ colonial history, while outdoor adventurers will enjoy exploring the islands, which were formed by volcanoes. One popular activity is to spot monkeys running wild. French settlers previously kept monkeys as pets, but over the decades, those monkeys were released into the tropical forest.